FREDERICTON, N.B. – The St. Thomas University Students’ Union (STUSU) recently reached a new collective agreement with the Workers Union of the St. Thomas University Students’ Union (WU STUSU) who are part of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC). Both parties are extremely satisfied with the details of the new two-year agreement, which will expire on April 18, 2020.

“We're glad to have come to a mutual agreement with the WU STUSU. This new agreement is the most comprehensive and balanced one since the inception of the WU STUSU and we’re more than happy to have achieved the labour milestone of a $15/hr ‘minimum wage’ within our organization,” said Philippe Ferland, STUSU President.

The employees echoed Ferland’s satisfaction with the new agreement.

“I am very pleased to come to an agreement which will impact student employees for years to come, ensuring that employees' intellectual property claims and academic freedoms are recognized,” said Laura Robinson, WU STUSU President.

Robinson also commented on achieving the milestone of a $15 starting wage and the ability for the STUSU to provide employment that gives students valuable work skills during their degree.

“It has also been a great collaborative effort to bring the first step for wages to $15 on behalf of all involved with the negotiating teams. I believe that this agreement is a great reflection of the STUSU's commitment towards providing excellent on-campus and experiential employment for students.”

Colleen Coffey, Regional Executive Vice-President of PSAC’s Atlantic Region reiterated Ferland and Robinson’s satisfaction with the agreement.

“We are extremely satisfied of this new agreement which raises the ‘minimum wage’ to $15/hour among many other significant improvements. It proves that when a union and management work hand-in-hand, they can achieve an outcome that satisfies both parties.”

As the STUSU prepares to transition a new team of Executives and councillors beginning May 1, Ferland is pleased to leave the STUSU with this agreement at the end of his term and looks forward to both the future of the STUSU and the WU STUSU.

“It's a new step forward in our relationship with our employees and one which will benefit both sides for the duration of the agreement.”


The St. Thomas University Students’ Union (STUSU) was established over 75 years ago and represents the interests of all students at St. Thomas University.

The Workers Union of the St. Thomas University Students’ Union (WU STUSU) was established in 2012 and represents the interests of all employees of the STUSU, excluding the General Manager. The WU STUSU is a member of Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) local 60888.

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Media Contacts:

Philippe Ferland, STUSU President,, 506-461-9560.

Laura Robinson, WU STUSU President,

Colleen Coffey, Regional Executive Vice-President, PSAC-Atlantic, 902-848-6850.