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21 Pacey Drive, Room 31, Students’ Union Building

Fredericton, New Brunswick

E3B 5A3


Main Office: +1-506-460-0301


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executives' contact information

President: Husoni Raymond

Email:  su_president@stu.ca

Office Phone: (506) 460-0303

Vice President Administration: Matthew Oram

Email: su_vpadmin@stu.ca

Office Phone: (506) 460-0308

Vice President Education: Ailish MacKenzie-Foley

Email: su_vped@stu.ca

Office Phone: (506) 452-0627

Vice President Student Life: Sarah Kohut

Email: su_vpsl@stu.ca

Office Phone: (506) 460-0302

Representatives' contact information

Harrington Hall Representative (su_harrington@stu.ca):

Vanier Hall Representative (su_vanier@stu.ca):

Holy Cross House Representative (su_holycross@stu.ca):

Rigby Hall Representative (su_rigby@stu.ca):

Off-Campus Representative(s) (su_oc@stu.ca): Sydney Shelley,Megan Cormier, and Kathleen jones

At-Large Representative(s) (su_atlarge@stu.ca): Megan Gibson and Graci Young

First Year Representative (su_firstyear@stu.ca): Vacant

International Student Representative (su_international@stu.ca): Sydona Chandon

Sexual and Gender Diversity Representative (su_sexualdiversity@stu.ca): Tyler MaGee

Indigenous Student Representative (su_indigenous@stu.ca): Vacant

Social Inclusion Representative (su_social@stu.ca): Dorcas Tshimenga

Student Senators (su_senators@stu.ca): Jennica Jean and Laura Wade

Board of Governors Representatives (su_bog@stu.ca): Jeffon Allwood and Victoria Loucks

Graduating Class President (su_gradclass@stu.ca): Brianne Durant

Employees' contact information

Activities Coordinator (su_activities@stu.ca): Kyle McNelly

Director of Communications (su_communications@stu.ca): Cindy Chua

Help Desk Coordinator (su_helpdesk@stu.ca): Samantha Arthurs 

Chief Returning Officer (su_cro@stu.ca): Erickson Miranda

Students' Representative Council Chair (su_chair@stu.ca): Brianna Hill

Students' Representative Council Recording Secretary (su_secretary@stu.ca): Madison Geldart

Welcome Week Chair (su_wwchair@stu.ca): Chloé Couturier