Clubs and societies are groups of students who are interested in talking about or taking action on a particular issue. They are groups that are formed outside of classes and open to all members of the STU community, with some clubs welcoming students from UNB and the greater Fredericton area.

All clubs and societies serve to unite students with similar interests and help students to reach out to the greater community to promote awareness and action. 

One of the most important aspects to remember is in order for a club or society to receive funding from the STUSU, they need to be ratified. In order to gain ratified status, they must go through the ratification process of submitting an application and a constitution to the Vice President Administration who can be contacted at:

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Best Buddies            

Best Buddies Canada is a non-profit organization that works in schools across Canada to help
create one-to-one friendships between children and adults with intellectual disabilities and
student volunteers.
The Best Buddies Program at STU pairs students with adults from the community with
intellectual or developmental disabilities creating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a new

Ski & Board Club

The Black Students' Association was established to be the voice of students of African Descent on campus and provide an opportunity for students of all racial backgrounds to gather, socialize and discuss social issues. The association's main goal is to help create an atmosphere of inclusivity so all students feel welcomed and supported on campus. association welcomes students of all ethnic backgrounds to join! 

Black Students' Association

The Black Students' Association was established to be the voice of students of African Descent on campus and provide an opportunity for students of all racial backgrounds to gather, socialize and discuss social issues. The association's main goal is to help create an atmosphere of inclusivity so all students feel welcomed and supported on campus. association welcomes students of all ethnic backgrounds to join! 

The St. Thomas University Community Outreach Club provides STU students with the opportunity to get more involved in the Fredericton Community by partaking in various outreach and volunteer opportunities.

Community Outreach Club

Debate Society

STU Debate Society is the perfect club for those interested in current events, looking to win more arguments, or improve public speaking skills. The society meets weekly to practice debating various topics in both British Parliamentary and Canadian Parliamentary format. Members will have the opportunity to travel to several competitions throughout Atlantic Canada during the course of the year, including a novice tournament in Antigonish, NS and the Atlantic Championships in St. John's, NL. We welcome everyone, ranging from beginners to seasoned debaters to join.

Enactus UNB/STU is an international non-profit organization. We are a group of talented and motivated students from Fredericton striving to make a difference in their community and improving the quality of life through entrepreneurial action. This team is composed of students representing all faculties within UNB and STU.  The purpose of Enactus UNB/STU team is to provide an experiential learning platform for students in an entrepreneurial capacity to develop projects to help advance the economic, social and environmental health of Canada.  

Enactus UNB/STU

Frontier College is a national, non-profit literacy organization which was founded in 1899. We work with children, teens, adults and families who need help to improve their literacy and essential skills. We deliver volunteer-run, community- based programs across Canada in partnership with a variety of local and national organizations.

Frontier College      

Global Brigades is a non-for profit organization that works in Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Ghana creating sustainable and empowering systems within communities using the Holistic Model. St. Thomas University's chapter was established in 2016 and since then we have travelled to Panama to assist in human rights work, and Honduras to assist in building a clean water system. Global Brigades fundraises throughout the academic year in order to send as many students as possible on the trips that take place in May.

Global Brigades

Hello Folks, we are STUSH (St. Thomas University Society for History)! Our society is an excellent resource for those majoring, minoring, or honouring in history. However, you don't need to study history at STU, you just need to love it! We have a variety of events that are free for all to attend during the year. Our meetings are a great way to unwind and discuss.

History Society

We are a group of students on campus striving to live a life that shows others what
Jesus is like. Being shaped by God's word and led by the Holy Spirit, the purpose of Inter-
Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada is the transformation of youth, students and graduates, in
all their ethnic diversity, into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ. Come join us for a variety of weekly activities and Bible studies as we learn and grow together, seeking to live missionally on campus. Visit our Facebook page or send us an e-mail to get connected, we would love to meet you!

Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship

Dia dhuit! We are St. Thomas University’s Irish Society called An Cumann Gaelach STU! We look to create and expand a strong Irish culture on the St. Thomas campus through events and activities! Check out our Facebook page!

Irish Society

The purpose of our society is to create a fun (although sometimes chaotic) space to play and discuss the game of "Magic: The Gathering" in regards to both competitive and casual ways, in an area that doesn't discriminate based on experience, age, sex, race, or colour of deck that you use.We are a relatively small group that is always ready to welcome and teach new, experienced, and returning players with semi monthly events and weekly meetings.

Magic the Gathering

Pre-Law Society 

The purpose of the Society is to provide students with an interest in pursuing a career in law
and/or an interest in attending law school with information, support and activities pertaining to
these interests. This will include information on matters such as Canadian law schools, law
school admissions tests (LSATs), admissions requirements, and alternate career paths
pertaining to the Canadian legal system. Activities will include movie nights, guest speakers,
debates, and practice LSATs. Our goal is to ease the transition from an undergraduate study
program to a law school study program, as well as increasing the likelihood of this transition
occurring in the first place. We will do so by reaching out to professionals, administrative
persons, etc., in positions pertaining to the field of Law to provide members with the necessary
information and experiences to attain this goal.

The St. Thomas Queer and Allied People Society (Q&A) was created to welcome and support LGBTQIA2+ individuals within the St. Thomas community. We strive to be a society that accepts all people, despite differences, and create a safe place for all sexual and gender minorities to meet and build relationships. We have biweekly meetings to gather and plan events on campus for the queer community, and often partner with The 203 and UNB’s Qmunity.

Q & A

The purpose of the Rotaract Club of Fredericton is to give its members as well as those potential
ones, the chance of being part of the global community.
Rotaract focuses on the development of young adults as leaders in their communities and
workplaces. Clubs around the world also take part in international service projects, in a global
effort to bring peace and international understanding to the world.


The St. Thomas University Philosophy Society promotes the discipline of philosophy at St. Thomas. We aim to foster camaraderie among and provide support for students studying philosophy, and to provide opportunities for philosophy students and the student body at large to engage with philosophy.

Philosophy Society

The Psychology Society is a network of students who work to promote involvement in the field of psychology as well as provide a support network for other psychology students at ST. Thomas University. The Psychology Society is an excellent tool for students to ask questions about the program and it's requirements, ask questions regarding specific material and get in touch with other students as well as professors within the Psychology Department through promotion of events on campus. 

Psychology Society

The St. Thomas Human Rights Group is a student lead effort to promote human rights on the campus of St. Thomas University as well as the surrounding Fredericton area. We attempt to provide an effective, goal orientated and respectful environment in which members can participate as local and international activists"

Human Rights Group

STUISA is an association for international students. We are committed to developing a diverse and
safe environment in our campus where every international student feels comfortable, accepted
and celebrated regardless of where they come from, through the planning of social activities and
events that promote the internationalization of our campus.
Our goal is to host students from all around the world and work towards making them feel as if
Fredericton is there home away from home. We come from countries with different customs,
beliefs and traditions, but we all share one thing: we are all away from home, and our goal is to
create a network among international students where we can all rely on each other.

STUISA: International Students' Association

Theatre St. Thomas is STU's flagship extra-curricular theatre company. Producing theatre for over 60 years (and more than 45 years as 'TST') we have been at home in the Black box Theatre since it was built in 1993. Working under the professional direction of STU faculty and staff, students act and work backstage alongside fellow students, STU alumni, and members of the Fredericton theatre community to learn and develop their stage skills in an educational, fun, and enriching cross-disciplinary environment.

Theatre St. Thomas

Self-Publishing Society

The Self-Publishing Society's goals are to help it's member gain the knowledge, experience, and materials to make and distribute zines and other creative self-published works.

Student United Way

Student United Way (SUW) is a student-led United Way on college and university campuses; bridging the gap between campus and community by empowering young people to improve their local communities through giving, acting and volunteering. SUW provides students at St. Thomas University with regular volunteer opportunities with United Way and its partner agencies. Join our Facebook group to learn more and get involved: Student United Way Fredericton.

STU Sustainability is a group of passionate students who are committed to being drivers of positive change. Our goal is to promote environmental awareness among our peers by leading and engaging the student body in sustainability initiatives on and off campus. We work towards making an environmentally conscious lifestyle more accessible to students, so we can all be leaders, change makers and responsible citizens.

Students for Sustainability

The Women's Studies and Gender Studies Society is a network of students who work to promote involvement in the field of gender studies as well as provide a support network for other WSGS students at ST. Thomas University. The society is an excellent tool for students to ask questions about the program and it's requirements, ask questions regarding specific material and get in touch with other students as well as professors within the program through the promotion of events on campus. The society also seeks to promote inclusivity on campus and aims to connect students to the resources and supports that are available.

Women’s Studies and Gender Studies Society

The University Women’s Centre (UWC) is a safe space on campus that is open to all members of the UNB and STU community. Our room -which is located in the SUB- is available for students to study, hang out, and breastfeed in a comfortable, accepting environment. We are also a resource on campus that provides information on safe sex, sexual health, safe injections, social and education programs, women’s shelters, and more. Additionally, we are stocked year-round with condoms, dental dams, and feminine hygiene products. We also host a variety of events during the school year to help promote gender equality and women’s rights.As a Centre, we value inclusivity, respect, and are guided by consideration for intersectionality and diversity. Our goal is to promote a campus environment in which everyone can live and work in an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding, security, and equality. Furthermore, the Centre aspires to affirm the dignity of all self-identified women.

Women’s Centre

This club will focus on educating the STUdent population about mental illness, and teach them how to combat the stigma that still surrounds them. We will hold various educational activities throughout the year, and are also hoping to fundraise money for reputable mental health organizations. Another focus of the club will be organizing wellness activities for members to partake in order to learn efficient methods of self-care. The STU Mental Health club is a safe place for every STUdent, and we look forward to meeting you all this year.

Mental Health Society

The STU Visual Arts Society is a collective of students dedicated to establishing a culture of art appreciation and creativity on campus. We aim to share experience and resources to any students interested in the visual arts, and are growing a database of related resources available within the university and local community – from skill development to exhibit organization. Artists and enthusiasts of all forms welcome!

Visual Art Society

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