Vanier Hall Representative (su_vanier@stu.ca): Beverly Pownall


Holy Cross House Representative (su_holycross@stu.ca): Hailey Frenette 

My name is Hailey Frenette and I’m the VP External for Holy Cross House. I’m a second year student majoring in Communications and Public Policy and History, and minoring in Criminology. In my position this year, I’m very excited to be involved in maintaining communication between my house and the STUSU.

Harrington Hall Representative (su_harrington@stu.ca): Avery Brown


Chatham Hall Representative (su_chatham@stu.ca): Gabby Kennedy

My name is Gabby Kennedy and I'm the House President of Chatham Hall for the 2017-2018 school year. I'm planning on majoring in English with a focus in Creative Writing and minoring in Sociology. 

I'm extremely excited to plan some great events for all of you STUdents and helping out in any way that I can!"


First Year Representative (su_firstyear@stu.ca): Dane Rose

Hi! My name is Dane Rose and I am a First-Year Student, from Jamaica, here at STU. I plan on doing a Double Major in Criminology and Human Rights with a Minor in Economics. For the Academic Year 2017-18, I will be the First-Year Representative on the STUSU where I will lobby for all First-Year’s interests as well as bridge the gap between them and the STUSU. I am super excited to represent my fellow First-Years as there is a lot in store and I am looking forward to working with you guys so that this year will be a very productive one. If you have any questions or concerns, fell free to contact me, at anytime, in person, through social media or via email at su_firstyear@stu.ca.


Off-Campus Representative (su_oc@stu.ca): Taylor Barrett

My name is Taylor Barrett and I am one of your Off Campus representatives for 2017-2018. I am in my second year here at STU and my intended majors’ are in Sociology and Human Rights. My plan this year is to make OC committee more than just a “party committee”. I would like to focus more on creating events that promote activism and raising awareness for issues that our students are passionate about. 

Off-Campus Representative (su_oc@stu.ca): Nicole Gonzalez-Garcia

Majoring in Psychology and History, I'm in my third year at STU and I'm so excited to be one of the three OC rep's that are going to represent the voices of the off campus community!

At-Large Representative (su_atlarge@stu.ca)


At-Large Representative (su_atlarge@stu.ca): Robyn Metcalfe

Hello! My name is Robyn Metcalfe and I hold the position of At-Large Representative for the 2017/2018 academic year. I am a third year student pursuing a double major in Sociology and Psychology and a double minor in Cultural Anthropology and Human Rights. This is my first year on the STUSU and I am very excited to see what the year has in store!


At-Large Representative (su_atlarge@stu.ca): Nicholas Decarie 

My name is Nicholas Decarie, I'm originally from Montréal, Québec and I am Fourth year History Honours Student with a Minor in Spanish. I have been a two-term Board of Governors Representative and I am looking forward to serving as a Representative At-Large. My goal as Representative At-Large is to bring a constructive voice to council and to revitalize the role of At-Large Representative as a bridge between students and their union.


International Student Representative (su_international@stu.ca): Wasiimah Joomun


Sexual and Gender Diversity Representative (su_sexualdiversity@stu.ca): Olivier Hébert

I am in my 4th year, completing a honours in Sociology. As a member of the Queer and Trans community I am a proud activist and academic. As I represent our community this year, I am excited to bring a queer perspective to the Students' Representative Council as well as work to gather data about the realities and needs of Queer and Trans students.


Indigenous Student Representative (su_indigenous@stu.ca): Alexa Metallic 


Social Inclusion Representative (su_social@stu.ca): Rebecca Kingston

Hey STU! My name is Rebecca Kingston and I’m here from Miramichi, New Brunswick to study History and French. I am your Social Inclusion Representative and my job is to relay information, feedback, and concerns from underrepresented minority groups on campus back to the Union. Feel free to get in contact with me in person, via social media, or at su_social@stu.ca. I look forward to hearing from you!


Student Senator (su_senators@stu.ca): Brittany Lynn Gray

Hello! My name is Brittany Gray, I’m a second-year student and I’m double majoring in Human Rights and Philosophy as well as minoring in Spanish! What I look forward to the most this year is learning from and connecting with the people I get to meet while I work as a student representative of senate. I’m very excited for the upcoming year, and I can’t wait see you all in September!

Student Senator (su_senators@stu.ca): Andrea Lopez 

My name is Andrea Lopez and I am in my fourth year at STU. I am doing Honours in International Relations and Major in Human Rights. I am so excited to be part of STUSU this year as your senator because I will be a voice for students by advocating for their needs and concerns.


Board of Governors Representative (su_bog@stu.ca): Laura Robinson

My name is Laura Robinson and I am one of two current student representatives on the Board of Governors. I am a 4th year student writing her honors thesis in Human Rights with a major in Science Technology and Society Studies and a minor in Political Science. 


Board of Governors Representative (su_bog@stu.ca): Husoni Raymond

Hi! My name is Husoni Raymond. I'm currently in my second year here at STU. I am pursuing a double major in Criminology and Sociology. This year, I am one of the the student representatives on the Board Of Governors. I am looking forward to sharing the student perspective on issues so that the university can continue to make rational decisions with students' interests in mind


Graduating Class President (su_gradclass@stu.ca): Leeanne Doxtator