June 23, 2017

FREDERICTON, N.B. – This week, at the Campus Trust’s annual Assembly of Participating Organizations, STUSU’s Vice-President Administration, Matt LeBlanc, was elected Student Chair of the Campus Trust.

The Campus Trust operates with a Board of Governors comprised of 10 people – both student and management representatives – from the various member student organizations. The Campus Trust represents 40,000 students from 13 member student organizations in Canada.

LeBlanc is the first student leader from New Brunswick to hold the Student Chair position since the formation of the organization in 1998.

“It is a profound honour to be elected Student Chair of the Campus Trust. There is no issue more critical than maintaining and improving the quality and affordability of student health coverage. The Campus Trust is the bedrock for producing fair and empowered student health plans,” said Matt LeBlanc, Vice-President Administration, STUSU. “I’m itching to help lead the Trust into its promising future.”

This is the fourth year the STUSU has been working with Campus Trust to provide high quality health and dental coverage to its members at the lowest prices possible.

“We have a very involved group this year so it’s going to be a chance for real internal change,” said LeBlanc. “This is a big year for the Trust and it seems like we’re putting a lot more control into the hands of students.”

In his role as Student Chair, LeBlanc will work closely with the newly elected Management Chair, Candace Heigh of the University of Prince Edward Island Students’ Union (UPEISU), to provide a structural framework to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Campus Trust next year.

LeBlanc will also be closely communicating and engaging with the entire Campus Trust membership throughout the summer and academic year.

Media Contact: Brianna Workman, Vice-President Education, STUSU, su_vped@stu.ca, 506-452-0627.