Community Food Smart

For $10 or $15 a month, students can purchase a bag of produce from local distributors. The $10 "crunchy" bag includes $20-30 dollars of food and the $15 bag includes $35-45 dollars of food. Both choices come in a reusable bag. Staple foods such as apples, carrots, bananas, oranges, onions and potatoes will be included every month, the rest of the items will vary depending on what is in season.  Each produce bag also includes information on how to prepare and store your food, and new recipes based about their speciality food item of the month. To order a bag, you must pay before the first Thursday of every month to the Help Desk and pick up is the second Thursday of every month in the afternoon at the Help Desk

Academic Assistance 

The Academic Assistance budget is dedicated to supporting students who wish to further their education or knowledge in a certain subject but cannot make ends meet. For example, needing to attend a conference in Moncton or Halifax. Academic Assistance is administered by the Vice-President Administration.

Legal Assistant

 The STUSU provides every student with one hour of free confidential legal assistance every year through the Union Lawyer. This service can be accessed by calling the lawyer Allan Muarry directly at (506) 458-1108.

Bus Pass

In 2006 a referendum was passed at St. Thomas University to create a campus-wide bus pass for use on Fredericton Transit. Because of this, every student at St. Thomas University is eligible to use Fredericton transit all year while their student ID is valid. The bus is especially useful to students who live in Chatham Hall and those who live off campus outside of walking distance. 

The Bus Pass is negotiated through the Students' Union. If you have any issues with the bus pass or have any suggestions for an improvement, please contact the Vice-President Student Life at


Emergency Bursary

The STUSU maintains a budgetary line solely for assisting students who find themselves in an emergency situation during the year. The STUSU employs an Emergency Bursaries Coordinator for the purpose of maintaining this program. Applications can be picked up at the main office in the SUB, the Help Desk

Charitable Assistance

The Charitable Assistance Budget is dedicated to helping students who wish to engage in charitable endeavours. If there is an initiative that you believe the Union should donate to, contact the Vice-President Administration.

Help Desk

Located in James Dunn Hall, the Help Desk offers free local telephone service, lost & found, photocopier and scanner, condoms, and basic school supplies such as pens and pencils. They have a collection of pamphlets with legal information and campus information, and the volunteers endeavour to be knowledgeable and helpful, if you would like to be Help Desk Volunteer please email If you have any questions about things at STU, chances are the Help Desk has the answer! You can also follow the Help Desk's Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram

Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Organizations are groups of students who are interested in talking about or taking action on a particular issue. They are groups that are formed outside of classes and open to all members of the STU community, with some clubs welcoming students from UNB and the greater Fredericton area.


Safe Ride

Operated in partnership with the University of New Brunswick Students' Union, SafeRide provides a free drive home for students on campus. Whether you're studying late or coming back from a night class, you can take SafeRide home with your student ID card. Pickup locations are outside of James Dunn Hall, the Students' Union Building, and Head Hall.

Hours:  Monday - Friday: 5:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m., Sunday: 2 p.m. to 11 p.m.

For more information please follow UNB SafeRide Facebook Page


Student Advisory Committee

The Student Advisory Committee is comprised of upper-year students who have been trained by university officials on university policies and procedures.

The Student Advisors work to help and advise their peers on how to resolve conflicts with the university relating to non-academic misconduct, residence issues, student employment, and academics. This can include grade appeals, problems with professors, plagiarism accusations, etc.

This service is to ensure students don't feel alone when faced with problems relating to university policies and procedures.

If you would like to utilize this service, or have questions, please email"