Work With the STUSU

The STUSU normally hires students for various employee positions in the Spring and occasionally in the fall or throughout the year, depending when positions open up. 

When we are hiring, information about available positions and how to apply will be posted here. For more information contact




STUSU has a variety of different committees open to all students. These committees include: finance, academic affairs, activities and much more! Committees are an excellent way to contribute to the STUSU and the university community. Students on committees can also build a resume and get involved without the need to run for an elected position.

Contact the address beside each committee name for more information or to join the committee! You may join at any time throughout the year. 

Finance Committee:

Governance Committee:

Member Relations Committee:

Academic & University Affairs Committee:

External Affairs Committee:

Activities and Events Committee: or su_activities

First Year Students' Committee: su_

Off-Campus Committee:

Communications Committee: or

Sexual Assault Prevention Committee:

Positive Mental Health Committee:

Indigenous Reconciliation Committee:

Information about our standing committees is available in the "SRC Committee Operations Policy" which can be found on the the Documents page:


Clubs & societies

Clubs & societies

Clubs and societies are groups of students who are interested in talking about or taking action on a particular issue. They are groups that are formed outside of classes and open to all members of the STU community, with some clubs welcoming students from UNB and the greater Fredericton area.

All clubs and societies serve to unite students with similar interests and help students to reach out to the greater community to promote awareness and action. 

One of the most important aspects to remember is in order for a club or society to receive funding from the STUSU, they need to be officially recognized. In order to be recognized, they must go through the ratification process of submitting an application and a constitution to the Vice President Administration who can be contacted at:

Anthropology Society

An Cumann Gaeach Society (Irish Society)

African &Caribbean Society                         

Best Buddies                   

Cheerleading Club                                     

Chinese Student Association

Club Japan                                                  

Debate Society

STU Debate Society is the perfect club for those interested in current events, looking to win more arguments, or improve public speaking skills. The society meets weekly to practice debating various topics in both British Parliamentary and Canadian Parliamentary format. Members will have the opportunity to travel to several competitions throughout Atlantic Canada during the course of the year, including a novice tournament in Antigonish, NS and the Atlantic Championships in St. John's, NL. We welcome everyone, ranging from beginners to seasoned debaters to join.

Economics Society

English Literature Society

Frontier College                  

Hello Folks, we are STUSH (St. Thomas University Society for History)! Our society is an excellent resource for those majoring, minoring, or honouring in history. However, you don't need to study history at STU, you just need to love it! We have a variety of events that are free for all to attend during the year. Our meetings are a great way to unwind and discuss.

The purpose of Inter-Varisty Christian Fellowship of Canada is the transformation of youth, students and graduates, in all their ethnic diversity, into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ. This is a group that encourages spiritual growth, by allowing curious students to learn more about Christianity and pursue questions of faith. It values serving campus and the community in order to promote unity and meet tangible needs of the student body.

Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship

Magic the Gathering

Pi Alpha Gamma Sorority

Pre-Law Society

The purposes of the society are to work collaboratively to complete a written legal brief for the “Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot Court Competition” and to use the knowledge gained in courses to enrich our knowledge of human rights and international law.

Psychology Society

Human Rights Society

STU Sustainability

STU/UNB Swing Dancing            

STUISA is an association for international students. We are committed to developing a diverse and
safe environment in our campus where every international student feels comfortable, accepted
and celebrated regardless of where they come from, through the planning of social activities and
events that promote the internationalization of our campus.
Our goal is to host students from all around the world and work towards making them feel as if
Fredericton is there home away from home. We come from countries with different customs,
beliefs and traditions, but we all share one thing: we are all away from home, and our goal is to
create a network among international students where we can all rely on each other.

STUISA: International Students' Association

St. Thomas Early English Drama Society

Dance Team

Theater St. Thomas

Young Greens                                  

Young New Democrats

Free Press Society

Self-Publishing Society

The Self-Publishing Society's goals are to help it's member gain the knowledge, experience, and materials to make and distribute zines and other creative self-published works.

The Book Garden Reading Club








STUSU runs two elections per year, one in the spring and one in the fall. These elections offer the opportunity to run for a variety of positions both on and off STUSU's Student Representative Council. Contact STUSU’s Vice-President Administration / 506-460-0301 or STUSU's Chief Returning Officer at for more information.