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To celebrate 25 years in the Black Box, TST asked What’s Next? And STU students and alumni answered in a big way. 

TST will produce the world-premieres of the three winners of our playwriting festival with TST President Robbie Lynn as Festival Producer. Featuring the writing of STU students, the direction of SiPP alumni, and the acting of TSTers, What’s Next? will showcase the multiple talents of our theatre community. 

The Black Box Theatre. January 31-February 3, 2018 at 7:30pm (+2:00pm Sat.). $10 regular / $5 students and seniors.
And Above All
by Thomas MacDougall. 
Directed by Samuel Crowell.
It is 8:38am in a small Nevada town and all seems peaceful, but the shadow of communism is lurking in America. Nuclear war threatens! But remain calm. Richie’s Convenience serves as a designated safe zone.
I Love this City
by Louis Anthony Bryan. Directed by Esther Soucoup.
When a young online celebrity goes missing, private investigator Ambrose Holiday seeks a partnership with Sonny Elmore at the Bright Young Things café. The first chapter in a serial detective story, I Love This City shows the origins of a beautiful friendship.

Thieves of Paradise
by Michael Pallotto. 
Directed by Laura Beth-Bird. 
Based on a true story, Thieves of Paradise animates the historical theft of St. Nicolas’ relics from a Turkish church in 1087. But when things turn violent and a powerful storm threatens their journey home, the faith of the thieves is tested.