• Ted Daigle Auditorium - Edmund Casey Hall (map)

Silver Donald Cameron will speak about “The Human Right to a Healthy World” on Friday, Sept.  29 at 2:30 pm in the Ted Daigle Auditorium in Edmund Casey Hall. 

The lecture is co-hosted by the Environment and Society Program and the Atlantic Human Rights Centre.
Air, water, food—these are the sources of life. Without them, we die. In more than 180 nations, citizens are legally entitled to these essential elements of life. The GreenRights multi-media project (www.greenrights.com) examines dramatic, innovative legal battles all over the world and questions why this right to a healthy environment is not protected in Canada or the United States. 

Dr. Cameron is the host and executive producer of http://www.thegreeninterview.com/, an environmental website devoted to intense, in-depth conversations with the brilliant thinkers and activists who are leading the way to a green, sustainable future. He is also the author of the Green Rights book, Warrior Lawyers: From Manila to Manhattan, Attorneys for the Earth – fifteen interviews with trail-blazing lawyers from nine countries, plus a wide-ranging essay by the author. 

"With the weather-related disasters of the summer of 2017—floods in central Canada, heat waves and fires in Western Canada, and recurring mega-storms in the southern US and Caribbean—we realize that it has never been more important that citizens have the legal tools to protect themselves and the Earth from ecological and climate degradation," said Janice Harvey, Coordinator, Environment and Society Program.  

"I have been following Silver Don Cameron's work on this vital issue for several years now, and I am thrilled that students and faculty at STU will have the opportunity to hear from him first-hand about the work he is doing.  He has travelled the world to talk to some of the world's most articulate, committed activists working in the field of environmental rights and he will bring this experience, knowledge and insight to his lecture."

A distinguished educator, Cameron holds a BA from the University of British Columbia, an MA from the University of California, and a PhD. From the University of London, England. He is a member of both the Order of Canada and the Order of Nova Scotia.