Fernanda Damiani 

President: su_president@stu.ca



Philippe Ferland

Vice President Administration: su_vpadmin@stu.ca

My name is Philippe Ferland. I’m a 4th year student honoring in GRID with another major in psychology. A little about myself is that I am a huge nerd that spends all my free time either playing video games, or dungeons and dragons with my friends. I also love to cook. Apart from that, I just go to school and work. That’s what I put most of my time into and it is really to the point that I could be considered a workaholic, but I’m having fun with it! If you ever have any concerns about the school’s health plan, STUSU’s budget, policies, clubs and societies, or our human resources, I’m your guy!


Sam Titus 

Vice President Education: su_vped@stu.ca



Brianna Matchet 

Vice President Student Life: su_vpsl@stu.ca