Brianna Workman 

President: su_president@stu.ca

Hey STUdents! My name is Brianna Workman and I am unbelievably excited to be your STUSU President this year. I am a fourth year student majoring in Communications and Public Policy and Political Science. I am from Kemptville, Ontario, which is a tiny town outside of Ottawa. I hope that STU becomes your second home very quickly, just like it did for me a few years ago when I first came to here.

If you ever see me on campus, I would love to get to know you and chat so please don't be shy. Here’s to another great year at STU! 


Husoni Raymond

Vice-President Administration: su_vpadmin@stu.ca

My name is Husoni Raymond and I am from Kingston, Jamaica. I am currently in my third year here at St. Thomas pursuing a double major in Criminology and Communications and Public Policy. I am looking forward to improving the support system for clubs and societies on campus as they are at the core of a vibrant university campus and contribute to the overall well-being of students.


Emma Walsh

Vice-President Education: su_vped@stu.ca

I am in my fourth year pursuing a double-honours in political science and human rights. I grew up in Maine, U.S.A, but my family is from the Maritimes! As Vice President Education, I am most looking forward to running the Get Out The Vote campaign for the 2018 provincial election!



Wasiimah Joomun

Vice-President Student Life: su_vpsl@stu.ca

Hello everyone! My name is Wasiimah Joomun and I am really excited to be your STUSU Vice President Student Life for the academic year 2018-2019.  I am a third-year international student from Mauritius, who is currently double majoring in Psychology and Criminology. As the VP Student Life, I am really looking forward to working collectively with Student Services, off-campus services and the student bodies to ensure that students’ needs are being taken care of in the best way possible. I really hope that STU becomes your home and that you enjoy your journey here as much as I do. If you ever see me around, please feel free to say hi and chat. I unbelievably love chatting with people and making new friends. Wishing you all a very successful, enriching, and eventful 2018-2019 year at STU!